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In a Cookie-less Future, Half-Baked Marketing Won’t Do

eCommerce marketing has for years relied on tracking pixels and third-party cookies for profiling site visitors. These digital identifiers don’t belong to your website. They are owned by the ad platforms themselves, such as Facebook and Google. Now these ad platforms, in response to increasing privacy concerns, are looking at an identifier-free future.

So, are you prepared for a world without cookies? This webinar explores some of the key considerations for marketers.

  • Learn more about how the loss of tracking and cookies will impact your business
  • Discover how AI helps deliver the right content to the right person at the right time
  • Find out how to work effectively with Apple and Google’s new data restrictions
  • Understand the increasing importance of 1st party data
  • Future proof your business with the new Google Analytics 4
Hosted by Celina Farrell,
Director & Head of Growth at maxemus Digital Marketing

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