FMCG Social Media Trends 2017

Social Media Trends in FMCG

So how do FMCG brands not only stand out in a fiercely competitive market but also stay on top of emerging trends among younger consumers?

Marketing FMCG Brands…

Marketing FMCG Brands

The FMCG sector has become one of the biggest spenders in online advertising. Are you focusing on creating engaging content to connect with customers before they step into the supermarket?

Grow Your Enrolments with Social Media

Find out where to focus your social media efforts. Put proven online marketing techniques into action to increase enquiries and grow the enrolment of your school’s program.

Social Media: The New Word of Mouth

School brands are built by long-term reputation. But gone are the days when prospective families came directly to you as their first source of credible information. Today they go online… Use social media to enhance your internet presence and brand reputation.

Integrated Marketing Trends 2015

If you are reading this, then you know only too well that the marketing mix is in a state of flux. Driven by changing behaviours in how we consume, interact and interpret information, brands need to work harder than ever to ensure they’re part of the customer conversation.

Step-by-Step Content Mapping Templates

A lot of marketers talk about the need for content mapping. Here are some templates to get you started, along with step-by-step instructions to help you create personas, identify their pain points, map content to the buying process.