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Is your social commerce strategy in order, or are you sticking with Google Shopping? There’s no doubt Google Shopping is a great platform for generating sales. If it’s what you’re familiar with, this can be your natural go-to. With more people spending time on social media now though, this could mean a missed opportunity for valuable growth.

Here’s a fact…

According to eMarketer, about 30.3% of Australian internet users use social media platforms to buy goods and services. This wouldn’t be possible without the influence of shoppable content. 

Done right, shoppable content on social increases customer engagement and is an excellent opportunity for brands to boost sales and revenue. But first, let’s look at two of the biggest social platforms and how they work with eCommerce.

TikTok and Shopify Partnership

The social platform has become a powerful product discovery and customer engagement hub. As we all know, the TikTok algorithm enables users to interact with entertaining and educational video content about specific products.

eCommerce changed drastically when TikTok and Shopify entered a partnership in October 2020. Here’s a quick rundown of the benefits of the partnership for businesses and consumers.

  • More reach and exposure for brands.
  • Hassle-free shopping experience.
  • Shopify store owners have access to customer data, which can be used to optimise marketing strategies.
  • Both platforms offer small businesses resources to compete favourably with more established brands.

Buying Products through Facebook and Instagram

Other social platforms like Facebook and Instagram offer an excellent opportunity for brands to meet and engage with potential customers. While Facebook has approximately 18,500,000 monthly active users in Australia, Instagram has about 10,000,000 users, according to a Meltwater report.

Facebook, isn’t only a social platform anymore. It features tools like the Facebook Marketplace designed to facilitate online shopping. Brands can also leverage Facebook’s paid advertising to reach targeted audiences anywhere. 

Like Facebook, Instagram integrates online shopping features and tools like shopping tags and product stickers, allowing brands to promote their products seamlessly. In addition to these features, influencer marketing is common on Instagram and moves the needle for many brands. According to Influencer Intelligence, 39% of Australians are more likely to purchase products influencers recommend.

The best part is, brands can integrate Facebook and Instagram with ecommerce platforms like Shopify to maximise engagement and increase conversions.

Exploring Shoppable Content

Brands generate more sales on social media platforms through shoppable content. Shoppable content is any digital content type consumers can interact with and purchase products directly within the content. Content types include videos, blogs, social media posts, and images.

Instagram Shoppable Content

On Instagram, the brand Sheet Society has taken advantage of the tagged product feature in many of its posts. It doesn’t only generate sales — it also helps Instagram users see how the products look in use.

Although the checkout within the app function is only available to certain US-based merchants, users can still browse your shoppable content on Instagram.

Source Sheet Society Instagram

Pinterest shoppable content

A great thing about Pinterest is that people often use it to search for products and to find inspiration. For fashion brands like PE Nation, Pinterest gives the opportunity to showcase their products in use to an audience actively looking to buy.

Source PE Nation Pinterest

The purchase process must be seamless to make a shoppable content strategy more effective. You must also incorporate compelling visuals, a clear call to action, and a user-friendly interface. 

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