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With offices in 16 countries, Scholastic is the largest publisher and distributor of children’s books in the world, serving millions of children, families and schools. Book Club provides families with an affordable and convenient way to bring the best in children’s literature into their homes.




Reading is Giving!


Scholastic Book Clubs’ ClassroomsCare program is a philanthropy-based literacy campaign designed to teach children about the joys and importance of reading and giving.

Scholastic Book Clubs challenged Australian students to read 100 books per classroom resulting in a donation of over 400,000 books to kids in need from Scholastic. Over 10,000 Australian classrooms participated in the campaign between 2006 and 2012.

“The children were very excited at the thought of helping others, just by reading books themselves. They were so keen that it took just under a week to complete the chart! We read books as a class, during slient reading, when they went to the library, at home—and even when they finished their work they read a book! Thank you for giving us this opportunity of reading books so other children in need can receive books.”

Nicki Sharrad, Teacher
St John Bosco School, Brooklyn Park


An integrated marketing campaign was developed to raise awareness and encourage teacher participation using print, online and email.

To get the books to children who need them, ClassroomsCare partnered with major charities that played a key role:

  • The Smith Family
  • Learning Links
  • Pajama Foundation
  • Education Foundation

With each program Scholastic carefully selects books that are age-appropriate and engaging for the recipient.

Teacher resources on the ClassroomsCare website, along with posts for parents on the Scholastic Book Clubs Facebook page and a dedicated microsite provided news, tips, activities and the chance to engage with peers in every state in the ‘Hall of Fame’. Regular emails to teachers encouraged engagement with the program during the school term.

“I smile every time I hear about a school where, through their generosity and hard work, students are making a difference and improving the lives of others by participating in ClassroomsCare. In order to better prepare the children of the 21st Century to live complete and successful lives, we need to motivate them to read more books, and read everyday. And showing children that their hard work pays off and they can make a difference in the lives of others is motivating and important as they grow up. Through ClassroomsCare, students aren’t just reading, they’re reading to give.”


Celina Farrell

Scholastic Book Clubs Manager

Classrooms kept track of books read with a poster, student bookmarks and online, and then told Scholastic when they had completed the challenge. Any books students read in the classroom, with their parents or on their own count toward the goal. Teachers used the lesson plans and activities available online to incorporate ClassroomsCare into their curriculum.

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