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Central Coast Grammar School

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Website traffic

8% Increase

Goals completed

10% Increase


14% Increase

Student Enquiries

12% Increase


Central Coast Grammar School is a K–12, co-educational, independent, non denominational, private day school located in Erina Heights, New South Wales.




Services rendered

  • Digital Strategy
  • CRM
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • PPC and Facebook Ads campaigns to support content marketing initiatives


Prior to implementing a marketing CRM and email automation platform, the Central Coast Grammar School relied on fragmented marketing tools that made high level strategy and planning challenging. With so many moving pieces, it was difficult to tie data together between the multiple systems. One major element missing was the ability to understand where and how prospective families and enrolled students were interacting with the Central Coast Grammar School.


“We recognised that by publishing and sharing the right content in the right place at the right time, our marketing would become more relevant and helpful, rather than disruptive…”

Christine Hodgkinson,
Manager Development and Community Relations
Central Coast Grammar School

MAXEMUS Digital Marketing was engaged to assist the Central Coast Grammar School maintain its standing as a leader in marketing communications.


MAXEMUS Digital Marketing worked closely with the marketing, enrolment and IT teams at the Central Coast Grammar School to establish the digital framework. We considered what mechanisms were already in place and conducted a review of current marketing activity. MAXEMUS has significant experience in digital transformation and utilised a range of tools to develop insights and then make recommendations.
During the design and implementation of the Content Marketing and Marketing Automation strategies the following outcomes were achieved:

  • Content marketing plan development
  • Creation of Applicant Personas shaped by a combination of backgrounds, demographics, personality, goals, challenges, common objections, budgets, interests, age etc
  • Enrolment journey mapping to identify digital touchpoints
  • Goal setting and planning, identifying measures of digital success
  • Content and event calendar development
  • Campaign development
  • CRM database structure evaluation and software recommendation to track and nurture leads
  • Implementation of CRM and marketing automation software ensuring data integrity by integrating with existing School Management System (API)
  • Data mapping between School Management System and new CRM
  • Creation of smart forms
  • Creation of branded email templates
  • Mapping out and setting up email nurture workflows
MAXEMUS Digital Marketing continue to partner with the Central Coast Grammar School. We’ve worked directly on digital marketing activities with the marketing and IT teams for five years and counting.
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