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Brand: Weet-Bix

Sanitarium is a food manufacturer with factories in Australia and New Zealand. They produce a large range of breakfast cereals and vegetarian products including the Australian brand icon Sanitarium Weet-Bix. All of the food products that Sanitarium manufactures and markets are plant-derived or vegetarian. Other household brands include Up&Go, So Good and Sanitarium PB.

Services rendered
  • Digital strategy
  • Email marketing
  • Facebook advertising
  • Google Ads
  • Video ads
  • SEO



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Engagement inc Influencer channels

The challenge

Weet-Bix was losing relevance as the favourite ‘everyday breakfast’ solution with an increasing number of options available. As a Digital Engagement consultant, Celina was tasked with overseeing the management of digital agencies and the in-house digital team to win back household penetration and volume. The task – create relevance for Weet-Bix using digital channels to deliver key messages to the target audience.

Client Project: Weet-Bix

The solution

Working with SOAP-Isobar, we developed the Weet-Bix Army of Advocates campaign to deliver the core Weet-Bix messages in a new modern, charmingly fun, engaging, and, most importantly, relevant way. We (and Sanitarium Weet-Bix ambassadors and influencers) created 12 months’ worth of engaging and shareable content relevant to each target market. We gave ambassadors and influencers a credible reason to be talking about Weet-Bix and creating relevant content about Weet-Bix.

Digital channels included the Sanitarium website, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Spotify and email. Ambassadors and influencers were engaged to extend reach beyond Sanitarium’s own channels.

Working with Channel Zero, who leveraged the ‘Aussie Kids are Weet-Bix Kids’ song to develop new TVCs and radio ads, we created social media assets and a national competition. This classic Weet-Bix tune with high recognition value had the greatest ability to get noticed and remembered. (And, of course, to make people smile.)

We asked Australians to re-write the lyrics to the song, with $10,000 in prize money up for grabs. Hundreds of entries came from all corners of the nation. A classic Aussie jingle was reworked into a memorable piece of music that lived on in social media long after the TVC had finished its run.

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