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Client: JACLOC

Jacloc is an Australian technology company that supplies retailers, B2B companies and government organisations with innovative tablet kiosks, merchandising displays and security solutions. Since 2001, they have been helping businesses sell, secure and display phones, tablets, laptops, headphones and other CE accessories. Jacloc products are durable and beautiful, making them a trusted leader in their space.




Increased website traffic


Increased online product enquiries


Doubled eCommerce conversions


Online revenue growth

The challenge

Jacloc is an established retail security business that was previously driving website conversions through direct traffic and brand awareness, but failing to capture new customers through PPC ads. Jacloc was looking to quickly increase e-commerce revenue and enquiry volume through paid traffic. We developed and implemented a measurable and conversion-oriented PPC strategy for a wide range of complex, customisable security products. It has been a fantastic journey seeing Jacloc’s ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) grow.

Jacloc - PPC Marketing Client

The solution

From the first phone call, Jacloc knew they had found a Google Ads agency with the experience and expertise they were looking for to help them optimise their digital marketing strategy and significantly boost their return on ad spend (ROAS).

As with any PPC campaign, we were keen to establish Google PPC marketing as a profitable source of traffic as quickly as possible. While the website is eCommerce, we felt that there would be a fairly significant lead generation component as well. This turned out to be correct, with some of the business’s traffic preferring to talk to someone before placing a large order. We immediately identified an opportunity to use both text search ads and Google Shopping ads to target the visitors who knew exactly what they wanted and just needed to buy, as well as those who needed a bit more advice before going forward.

Our first step was to identify the keywords and search queries potential customers were using to find the sort of products this sustainable takeaway packaging provider sells. We analysed popular terms and their viability, prioritising them according to our own criteria to maximise both commercial intent and the visitor’s relevance, given the specific focus on retail security.

Using Google Ads, Google Shopping Ads, and Google’s Display Network; we helped this B2B retail supplier increase their online product enquiries by 75% and double eCommerce conversions, growing revenue online by 74%. Enquiries (which typically represent larger, bulk orders) grew by 75%.

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