Marketing Your Preschool Online

The landscape is changing and so are your clients. They are becoming more tech savvy and are often much more inclined to do business on the web. The millennial generation, ages 16-35, are now the ones searching for preschools. They are using new methods to search for quality providers, such as internet search engines and social media. You need to be found where they are looking.

One incredibly important key to drive enquiries and build enrolment in your program is marketing your preschool online. There are four “must-haves” in preschool marketing that will strengthen your digital presence, allowing you to easily be found by your big target market, the “millennials” (those born in the early 1980s to early 2000s). Let’s dig in!

1. Effective Website

There are numerous elements to an effective website but some basic elements to start with are:

  • Easy navigation
  • Look and appeal (easy on the eye)
  • Instant communication of your unique benefits
  • Great pictures or graphics of kids
  • Compelling to parents
  • Social media icons that link to your social media sites

The best practice in website design today is to use a WordPress based website so it can be easily and quickly updated. Many websites that were built in the late 90s are still using Flash for graphics and images, which now just show up blank on any Apple device, such as an iPhone and an iPad. Really take a look at your website and evaluate if you are putting your best face forward in terms of professionalism and ease of use, as well as your message.

2. Google Maps

It’s important to have a presence in online search results and it’s especially important to have a top listing in Google Maps, the geographic listings under the Google search results page with the red pushpins. Where do you come up when people type in keywords like daycare centers, daycares, child care centers, preschools, infant care, etc. in your town and state? You should get yourself on the first page! If you’re not, you’re being overlooked, and there are a lot of books and resources available to help you.

3. Business Facebook Page

Mums are on Facebook in huge droves, networking with other Moms, so it’s important to create a social media presence where your target market is already hanging out. It’s fairly simple to create a Facebook business page but first you need a personal Facebook page. Your personal information won’t show up on your business page, it’s simply a way to authorise yourself as an administrator to your business page. Then just follow the step-by-step instructions to create your preschool page. After that is complete there are many resources on optimising your Facebook page.

4. Directory Listings

Listing yourself in child care and business directories allows you to link back to your website, strengthening the Google search results for your website. In some cases you need to purchase a listing, sometimes it can be free. Set a goal to list yourself in two or three directories every week or delegate it to an employee. This will build your online presence and if you have listings on sites such as Yelp you can get on there and see what people are saying.

Now you have some basic tactics to market  your preschool online! Don’t be left behind, now is the time to put these proven marketing techniques into action to increase enquires and grow the enrolment of your preschool program.

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