How we help grow your leads, sales and profits

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Digital Marketing Growth Session

You’ll come away with specific and actionable ways to get more traffic and convert more leads with effective and accountable digital marketing strategies. Here’s what we explore together during this fast-paced, zero-nonsense conversation:

  • step-1
    Step 1
    We learn about your current situation

    We establish what marketing strategies you’ve tried and the results you’ve achieved. We find out which parts of your current strategy are working well and which parts have problems or sticking points.

  • step-2
    Step 2
    We discuss your business goals

    We discuss the specific targets you’re looking to hit in terms of traffic, opt-ins, leads and sales, and in terms of time frame.

  • step-3
    Step 3
    We give you specific recommendations

    If we feel we can help bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be, we’ll suggest specific strategies for doing that.

You’ll get ideas on how to:

    • Use Facebook and Google to attract qualified buyers
    • Trim waste from existing traffic campaigns
    • Expand traffic sources that are already working
    • Tap into new traffic sources
    • Boost your website conversion rate
    • Create high-converting landing pages
    • Dominate the “free” search engines
    • Improve lead quality
    • Generate more leads and sales with lower marketing costs
    • and more…

By the end of this session, we’ll both know if we’re interested in exploring further. If so, we’ll explain the next steps. At this stage, we’re also usually in a position to give you an indication of approximate budgets to implement our suggestions. Please be assured, this consultation will not be a thinly-disguised sales presentation. It will consist of the best intelligence we are able to supply in a 30-45 minute time span.

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