Is Email Marketing Dead?

[su_pullquote]Reports of My Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated.

[su_spacer]Mark Twain.[/su_pullquote]

In Econsultancy’s latest Email Marketing Census marketers claim that Email Marketing delivers the best return on investment. For the past 8 years Email Marketing has consistently been cited by marketers as having delivered the highest or second highest ROI compared to other channels such as PPC, Search, Direct Marketing, Social Media, Content Marketing and Mobile Marketing.

While digital channels keep sprouting like weeds, email has remained in the background as a reliable touch point for marketers, always there to help them engage further with customers. And, as always, it’s evolving along with the every evolving digital technology. Below are five proven email practices to increase revenue:

  1. Email marketers have long recognized that “batch and blast” email campaigns aren’t nearly as effective as they used to be. With increased ability to curate and filter information, email is going to become fully personalised to an individual’s preference. According to the Email Marketing Census, nearly all email communications will be fully personalised within the next five years.[su_spacer]
  2. Another advancement looming is the use of email addresses as identifiers to engage with customers. They’re already being used on Facebook and Twitter in the form of Custom Audiences or Tailored Audiences, respectively, and allow marketers to use their email lists to send targeted ads to users their organisation already has a relationship with.[su_spacer]
  3. What this does is circumvent demographic ad buying and allow marketers to send specifically targeted ads to users in any way they wish, from something as specific as buyers who made a purchase in the last 24 hours to everyone on their newsletter and anything in between.[su_spacer]
  4. Since the average consumer is already using their email address when they sign-up for practically anything online, this opens up the opportunity to integrate marketing campaigns across multiple networks. It also brings us to our next new email innovation, email being completely integrated with other marketing channels.[su_spacer]
  5. Although it’s been used for number of years, most companies fail to maximise the ability to completely automate email campaigns. As the other changes above become increasingly popular however, and email marketers struggle with increasing time constraints, automated campaigns will become the rule rather than the exception.

Put simply, the value of email will become increasingly linked to its performance with other marketing channels. While right now there isn’t a single technology platform that can handle complete email integration, marketers are sure that within the next five years it’s going to become a reality.

Still think email is dead?

Perhaps it is if you aren’t taking advantage of the opportunity to have a one-on-one relationship with your subscriber. Contact us for assistance with your next campaign.


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