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Email and Marketing Automation Scorecard

Benchmark your email and marketing automation efforts. See how you stack up and where you can improve. Download our free scorecard now!

How will this scorecard help you?

We recognise the intricacies of marketing in the education sector and its unique set of challenges. Whether you’re struggling with budget constraints, fierce competition for student enrolments, or the need to adapt to rapidly changing technology, our free Email and Marketing Automation Scorecard is here to assist.

Whether your objectives involve elevating student enrolments, strengthening alumni engagement, or effectively promoting your institution’s events, this scorecard will help you:

  • Review your marketing automation efforts
  • Compare how well you are currently using email marketing and marketing automation
  • Identify the gaps in your current capabilities
  • Communicate priorities for improvement to your teams or budget-holders
  • Identify the next steps to improve

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