MAXEMUS can help redefine your digital strategy. We’re offering an in-depth, digital health check—for FREE.

The marketing landscape has dramatically changed: consumers expect their interactions to be seamless and frictionless; there is a powerful convergence of marketing and technology; and brands are built through advertising across multiple digital touchpoints.

How Can We Help?

In order to unlock growth, organisations need a new breed of agency—one that is part business consultancy, part creative agency and part technology powerhouse to enable them to design, build and run the best possible customer experiences.

Data-driven and customer centric, we help you deliver on your brand promise. We are independent and platform agnostic–so you can trust us to always speak the truth and deliver bespoke advice.

Marketing Intelligence

Digital Audit

People, processes, platforms, data, competitive landscapes – the ecosystem of the digital world can become chaotic and problems compounding.

Our comprehensive Digital Audit provides organisations with specific, actionable and prioritised recommendations. Benefits include improved ROI and better processes and platforms. We can also help bridge the gap between strategy and execution by working alongside your team to implement recommended activity.

Marketing Intelligence

Digital Acquisition and Engagement

Wanting to recruit new customers or donors from a digital source? Better yet, need help on-boarding and keeping them? MAXEMUS Digital Marketing has lots of experience in this area.

Recruiting new customers or donors is hard enough, particularly in a channel that can often be complex to navigate through. We can support you from the acquisition strategy right through to the execution and analysis of a campaign.

Marketing Intelligence

Social Media

If you need help with establishing a new or enhancing an existing social media strategy, then we can support you. There are a myriad of social media channels out there that are constantly evolving, so understanding the elements within each platform is critical to achieving the right result.

MAXEMUS Digital Marketing can provide the overarching social media strategies and even post on your behalf if you need us to.

Marketing Intelligence

Analytics, AdWords and Re-marketing

If you need support in navigating through analytics, AdWords (including applying for the Google Ads Grant) and re-marketing, our team can show you the basics right through to the advanced.

Understanding what your customers or donors are searching for is paramount to knowing which words and phrases you need to advertise with. Once you have their attention, we can support you in making sure you are top of mind with re-marketing.

Case Studies

Marketing Intelligence
Marketing Intelligence
Marketing Intelligence

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“Celina’s enthusiasm and energy, along with her ability to think strategically and practically, ensures she never loses sight of the end goal. She is a joy to work with, and a constant source of inspiration”
− Chryl Perry, General Manager, Arbon Publishing