CRM & Marketing Automation

How effective and efficient a business is at managing the relationsip with its customers depends on the quality of its customer database, and the ablility to utilise this data to add value to the relationship. Customer touchpoints include websites, social media, mobile, email and display advertising – all of which offer growing opportunities for highly targeted, sequenced messaging.

We help clients set up, manage, segment and automate these valuable relationships, and have experience working with most well-known platforms.



To extract maximum value from digital investment we identify key levers for driving conversion or re-engagment. Not only easy tweaks to UX, or the development of optimised landing pages for conversion, but the on-going sequence of messages for customers and/or prospects aimed at getting them to the next step in the relationship, on the path from awareness to advocacy. We outline the messaging by segment, integrating with the content strategy, and taking into account key vehicles for delivery, such as available email or marketing automation tools.



Often a later iteration of targeted communications, we nevertheless explore at the strategy phase the possibility of carrying the same tailored messaging into the website experience, identify the value of doing so, and make a recommendation as to how it can be achieved, considering both integrated but also third party quick solutions. This becomes part of the roadmap delivered in the implementation planning section.



Integrating with the social media strategy, we suggest ways in which social data, influence scores and advocacy behavioural indicators can be accumulated against customers, so that advocates can be recognised and targeted as a valuable segment. We also make recommendations for customer communication delivered through social media.



One huge area of digital wastage is the targeting of existing customers with acquisition messages; the rationale behind longer term, sequenced, tailored nurture messaging should be applied in advertising as much as owned channels, increasing the value of each digital touchpoint. We look closely at the potential to drive lead conversion and retention/cross-sell/upsell through paid channels.



As part of implementation planning, we make recommendations on the processes required for effective contact strategy, including the tracking and parsing of relevant data items to end user databases, integration with existing CMS, CRM or marketing automation tools, and potential short or long term software solutions.



We project the uplift contributed by executing a contact strategy, and define the core benchmarks and metrics in our measurement framework. Where sensible and feasible, we recommend deploying control files in multiple channels to measure accurately the impact of tailored communications.