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Analysis paralysis slows down even the most effective teams. Our Digital Springboard Strategy Session is a 30-minute data-driven consultation designed to help you understand exactly what to do to meet your business growth goals.

We leverage business insights and relevant industry experience to help you scale across multiple channels to grow faster.

Supercharge Your Digital Strategy

In this free workshop, we’ll work together to:

  • Understand and document the challenges you are facing right now and rank them to identify priorities
  • Dig into the people, processes and technology you have in your arsenal
  • Ideate a set of effective solutions to your most pressing challenges
  • Leverage our combined experience to identify which solutions to start work on right away


“Celina has contributed to Sanitarium’s world class digital strategy and activations with thoughtfulness, tenacity, tact and skill. Our business is in a better place for her contributions and I hope her involvement in our business initiatives will continue for a long time.”
Pete Davis

National Advertising and Media Manager, Sanitarium Health Food Company

We engaged maxemus to help us enter a very competitive location with a new ChildCare Centre. We wanted to improve our digital marketing and maxemus was highly recommended due to their extensive experience in education. We were confidently using social media, but Celina and her team brought our activity together in a much more targeted way. It was obvious right from the very first workshop that Celina was highly knowledgeable, plus she was so generous in sharing her knowledge. We filled a childcare centre with over 200 families in under three months with no TV, radio or print ads. The result far exceeded our expectations! We are very happy with our ‘digital first’ marketing strategy. Big thanks to Celina and her team – we are looking forward to working on our next project and further upskilling for our team.
Tony Barton

Owner & Managing Director, Little Beginnings

Years of Expertise

We’ll assemble a group of highly experienced digital experts from across Australia to help you grow your business. Backed by solid experience and proven results, our team uses technology to seamlessly service our clients.

Discover & Understand

We immerse ourselves in your business. Our approach is a process of discovery and deep understanding. We’re authentic, genuine and honest, and always looking for new ways to make a positive difference.

Bespoke Services

There is no ‘one size fits all’ in marketing. Your business is unique, and so is your strategy. Our services have grown and expanded over the years to help us create scalable, profitable partnerships with businesses of all sizes.

Data Driven Strategy

Working together with you and your team, we use data to inform our decisions and build a tailored strategy for your business to drive measurable and meaningful growth results.

Analyse and Refine

We continually monitor and measure performance, sharing these results with you and your team. This ongoing analysis enables us to refine and improve our strategy for sustainable growth.

Drive Ongoing Growth

Transparency and continual analysis of data allows us to work together to make informed decisions in order to drive long-term, sustainable growth in your business.


maxemus is the coming together of consultancy smarts and digital agency creativity. We are an ROI and peformance driven agency like no other. We’ve created a new model to deliver digital services to clients with a greater level of experience and professionalism, forming teams of specialists around a client or project’s needs. This ensures that only the most experienced practitioners are working on the problem you need to solve.Think of us as an extension of your business rather than ‘the agency’.
Our clients are diverse from national corporates to not-for-profits and start-ups.



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